Every night I close my eyes
Close them tight to drown the cries
But as much as I try and try as I might
That screaming orange bastard drowns my sight
And drags my lifeless limbs into the night
The children on the swings cry from fright

I close my eyes to drown their tears
I feel their sorrow inside my fears
I open my eyes to breathe some air
That screaming orange bastard smiles and stares
He moves away to reveal a black mare
That grunts and groans and shakes his hair

Then I find myself on that cold, blank pier
Where nobody exists, and she is not here
Even that screaming, orange bastard has melted from view
And I realize that life on earth without you
Is a nightmare from the deepest realms of hell come true
Then from this dream I ease my eyes open anew
And feel in reality my heart overwhelmed with blue

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