I don't know a thing about life

I don't know a thing about life
But I know that it is vicious
Just like I don't know why I was given my wife
But I know that she is precious

Atoms produce the fuel; the awesome energy
That will circulate throughout God's majestic system till the final second of its eternity
And within this system we find ourselves conscious and aware
Or maybe it's just me
Just I, Us or We
The perceiver of things in my full capability - but no more
For I can only understand so much

I can only reach as far as my hand can,
Or with my mind I can feel and touch
Beyond my spectral reception
Which cannot differentiate deception
From truth

Yet I will continue to strive for it
And leave behind a legacy of ideas and memories and pain
Traveling this twisted road through sunshine and rain
And hope it all was not in vain

Through the clouds above and the medium beyond them
Beams down to me the core of a poem
The ending stanza around which this poem swings
An ending that is crucial

I don't know a thing about life
But I know that it is special

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