The Top 5 Pleasant Experiences a Person Can Have

We all have ideals for things like happiness, life, jobs, friends and partners. We all have different needs and desires, and different things that make us laugh, or amaze us, or inspire us to sit back and think.

But there are some experiences that everybody loves, no matter how different their personality. Here's judge/menthol's shortlist; the five most pleasant experiences on earth:

A breath of fresh air - a deep one. A breath of air that is ever so gently hinted with lemon and rose scents; one that pushes your ribs right out to massage your back muscles; one that gets the blood surging through your veins.

Waking up thinking it's Monday, when it's actually Sunday. Who doesn't love that?

The sensation of - not complete unconsciousness, nor full awareness - but rather the delicate blissfully unaware, almost non-existent-self-drifting-awayness that you get when you are falling asleep.

Accidently hearing somebody say something nice about you, without them realizing that you heard it.

Finding yourself laughing uncontrollably... you had just unintentionally burst into a pure, genuine laugh rooted at the bottom of your belly.

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