Ode to Obama [Updated Version]

You ass
You are like the warmongers of the distant past
Caesar, Pharaoh, Genghis Khan
You are like the warmongers of the recent past
Hitler, Dubya Bush, Ariel Sharon

In a parallel dimension your name must be Osama
Because you only lack his beard and turban
But your strategies are alike

How can you look the World in the eye when
You accepted a Peace Prize in 2009
But sent troops to Afghanistan a week before
To kill people and destroy their homes for the sake of... democracy?
Or should that be foreign policy?
You two-faced jerk
I kinda liked you when you were throwing snowballs at cats
But not anymore

You are not the same as Gandhi, Mandela, Boutros Boutros-Ghali
You should have humbly declined that prize
I mean, how can you possibly receive a peace prize when you haven't brought any peace
Perhaps you have no shame
As for the people who nominated you for it...
Who writes this shit?

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