This Hulkman
In his blue uniform
Patrols your hood each night
Come stars, come storm

Inside his chest
Beats a fragile lion's heart
That fears no evil
And illuminates the dark

This Wolfman
Eclipses the radiating underbelly of the street
He is a commando in its war
One which will bring inevitable defeat
It tails him
It haunts him
It nips at his feet
Yet he gallantly clambers forward
And steps brisk into the heat

One purple evening
Climbing into your bed
You hear him speeding by
Sirens ablaze
Oh my! you say
These pigs can fly!
He skids to a halt
At the scene of the crime
Get your hands up! he screams
Hit the ground, filthy slime!
A shot resounds
The bullet pierces the mortal flesh of this Batman
And without a tear he dies

No time to call his wife
No chance to say goodbye
No blanket to keep him warm
Not even for a while
The rest of us lie in slumber blissfully unaware
That somewhere beyond our safety fence
A hero died tonight

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