The Scotsman

I knew a Scotsman
Told me many-a-tale
Born in a the Scottish Highlands
Bred on pints of ale

Actually the truth is the above is a yarn
That I had spun myself
But indeed I knew this Scotsman
That had been through the pits of hell

He had the luck of an Irishman
As lousy as that may be
For some odd reason he refused to bury his head in the sand
But kept it high amongst the trees

Mr Brown, the Scotsman
A toast to you, old man
Don't ever feel that your life went by
And the many things you'd seen
Would become relics of an unnoticed tale
One that would be burned in a library; the only copy
Without ever being read by a soul at all
For one thing, I'll tell you this:
You've touched my life in more ways you know
I, for one, will tell you, sir
You're one of the best men I've ever known.

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