Gabriel's tears

You would have thought that it was just a normal thunderstorm
A heavy rain from sunburst clouds
To wash away the dust
To clean away the rust
To nurture, caress the earth's crust

It could have been, for all you know
As you went about your life
Trying to make money and conversation
The latter of which was mostly about it being so glum and gloomy
Brooding, foreboding; moody

How would you tell otherwise
There's no way that you could know
That the water drops that fell that day,
And deep into the night
Were tears from Gabriel's eyes

He took a painful glance at Us
One glance;
Now keep in mind
That a thousand years went by
For Archangels don't perceive time in the same respect as
You and I

He watched us murder our brothers and sisters
Spill the blood, the energy and plasma of
Not just peoples,
But fauna and flora
And aqua

Gabriel, whose wings outspread could shield the infinite horizon
This being whose might was so vast
That his whisper could split mountains like they were butter
Yet who was so wise that history's scholars combined
Would stutter in debate

Gabriel closed his eyes
And gently shed his tears
A moment in solidarity with every innocent child
Harmless beast and different-cultured person
We gutted with our own hands

And then just like that he opened his eyes again
Gallantly flew away to continue with his duties
The moment had passed
You went on with your life
But Gabriel cried that night

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