Whether you're rich or poor, you still have problems. 
But that seems to be the common denominator amongst humanity - turmoil. 
We ignore it, but the truth is we are dying slowly, each of us. 
Someone is getting shot, raped, robbed right this second. 
Then, the pursuit of happiness;
I don't think anyone really pursues it expecting to find it, or even hoping to - see, one must know sadness to know that they want to pursue the means of escaping it, by having oneself distracted by the false sense of security packaged in a pseudo-realistic state of mind foolosophy; a phenomenon called bliss.

Alas, the pursuit of knowledge is a painful journey. 
One with ups and a lot more downs. 
Because upon learning something that confuses, saddens, angers us, that realization of the faux-reality is enough to send most packing. 

What is it to be human? Rich? 
No. But unfortunately, greed has manifesting in the world and so one necessarily need be rich to be able to test if one is truly selfless or not

Logic tells me that it's easier to be selfless if you have nothing.
And extremely difficult, ironically, if you have the world.

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